Best Buy Black Friday 2012 offers announced


Back Friday offers from Best Buy are another in a long list of tempting holiday offers for customers. Best Buy sales was announced on November 7, 2012 with the expectation of a busy holiday season.

Just before the 2012 Walmart Black Friday sales ad, Black leaked Best Buy’s holiday sales ads. Kmart’s Black Friday deals, along with Thanks Giving ad’s and Target 2012 Black Friday sales flyers were also released after the leak. Reports said that the Best Buy 2012 Black Friday ad is just a small preview of its Black Friday deals.

According to ABC 10 news reports, “The website says Best Buy may have inadvertently leaked the entire 22-page ad, something stores normally don’t like to release until a few days before Thanksgiving for competitive reasons”. says that Best Buy opens midnight on November 23, 2012.

Best Buy timings aren’t as early as Walmart, Target or Kmart’s opening times, but it still has plans to impress shoppers with a few rock bottom price offers this year. Some of the early bird items include Samsung’s Core i3 PC, Dell’s Core i5 Desktop, HP’s Core i3 Desktop, Apples iPod touch, Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation 3.