Classic space game Elite turns to Kickstarter


People who were familiar with computer gaming in the early 1980’s, might have heard of the game Elite. One of the makers of the legendary space simulation David Braben, has turned to the crowd funding site Kickstarter to bring the game back to life. The iconic original game was written by two Cambridge University Students Ian Bell and David Braben.

Braben recently announced that his studio ‘Frontier Developments’ is working on a new title in the series and is looking to raise £1.25 million on the funding site to make it happen. On Kickstarter’s website, Braben explained that the original title took less than 22k memory on the BBC Micro computer in the year 1984, which is less memory than the average email message.

Braben’s ambition is to replicate the unique experience of that first adventure, but with all the extra graphical scale and possibilities that modern hardware has to offer. It is set for release in the year 2014 on PC and gamers will be able to fight their way across various galaxies in single-player or in the new multi-player mode.

Braben explained on Kickstarter, “Elite: Dangerous is the game I have wanted Frontier to make for a very long time”. The maker also explained that the next game in the Elite series is an amazing space epic with breathtaking scope and that this time you can play with friends too.