AT&T unveils pricing of Windows Phone 8 smartphones


Telecom company AT&T has unveiled the pricing of its Windows Phone 8 devices. The company has hopes that the three phones would appeal to different customers. The new Windows Phone 8X from HTC will cost $199.99 with a two year contract.

A yellow and a blue coloured version of the phone, with half the memory capacity will be available as an exclusive product for $99.99. Both the devices will be available by Thanksgiving. The devices can also be combined with an optional wireless charging case and Verizon Wireless version will have a wireless charging unit built onto the phone.

The Nokia 920 will cost $99.99 with a contract and the lower-end Lumia 820 will cost at $49.99. Both the device will hit stores on November 9, 2012 and pre-orders will begin on November 7, 2012. The Windows Phone 8 smartphones were officially launched last week as part of a major push by Microsoft to sell its next generation operating system on various platforms.

The CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has decided to push different platforms as a family of products in an effort to build familiarity with the relatively new concept of live tiles. Traditionally AT&T has been the strongest partner of Microsoft and has helped to push the Lumia 900 to modest success in the past year.