TouchAMP to boost music of iPhones


The new TouchAMP has the ability to boost the iPhone’s music player’s volume without any cables or attachments. Moreover, it does not even require any Wi FI or Bluetooth connectivity, which drains the battery life of the phone.

The user of the iPhone just has to tap the iPhone across the top of the box and let it do the rest, as you enjoy a deeper and louder sound. The TouchAMP uses new technology which is known as ‘near field audio’, and also utilizes a type of inbuilt radio communication that the iPhone possesses.

As it uses radio waves, the TouchAmp device it is not as complex as compared to other wireless connections, which is a good thing for the devices battery life. Moreover, near field communication technology does not work beyond a few centimeters, so in order to use the technology, the user has to just turn on the music, leave it and not interact with the device afterwards.

Although early reports suggest that the device is compatible with the iPhone, it is still unclear if TouchAMP also works with other smartphones, as its size specifically suits the iPhone. The device comes in the iPhone white and iPhone black colors and a variety of colorful sleeves. The TouchAMP costs 4,980 yen and runs on batteries or USB.