HardCandy launches first iPad Mini case


US computing giant Apple is just about to reveal its latest product, the iPad Mini; however computer peripheral manufacturer HardCandy has already announced its ShockDrop case for the forthcoming device. Apple is all set to host an event  on October 23, 2012, where it is expected to unveil the new product.

Usually the US giant does not like when other companies launch accessories just before the launch of one of their products. It appears that HardCandy is aiming at generating some publicity at Apple’s expense in this case.The new ShockDrop line has been priced at $49.95.

It is still unclear as to what Apple has in store at the press event, and it is not essential that the new case will fit Apple’s product in the first place. However, this is not the first time the peripherals manufacturer has attempted showcasing a product before Apple launches one of their own. Last year the company released a case for the Apple iPhone 5 before the smartphone was actually announced, but the company was criticized when the case did not fit the iPhone 4S.

It remains to be seen which product Apple will reveal at its event and whether HardCandy’s attempt at a protective case will fit the device well. However Apple themselves are expected to unveil a case for the device, as they have done in the past.