Microsoft to unveil new Skype for Windows 8


Software giant Microsoft is unveiling its new Windows 8 Operating System on October 26, 2012. The software giant will also be unveiling the new Skype for Windows 8 on the same day. With its recent acquisition of Skype, Microsoft is looking to gain some momentum for its upcoming releases.

Officials from Skype also said that they will be pre-installing the communication software on the top 12 Windows OEM machines. Derek Snyder, the head of mobile marketing at Skype said that for Windows 8, the software was redesigned from scratch. After Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, the company has been moving it in to the Windows Messenger infrastructure. Users can now store pictures, videos and other Skype content on Windows Azure.

According to reports, in future there are possibilities that Skype might replace the messenger some day, but there isn’t any time table as to when this may happen. Recent reports said that Skype began testing the new Windows and Mac beta releases, which allow users to sign in with the help of their Windows Live ID. This allows the users to send, receive instant messages and see presence information from those using the messenger.

Skype will make use of other Windows features such as ‘snapping’, picture search with Bing and it will also run in the background with in a low power-consumption mode.