iOS jailbreaker Comex laid off by Apple


Comex, who is a reputed Apple iOS jailbreaker has been let off by the software giant according to the hacker. Comex Tweeted that he was no longer with Apple as of the week before. He had worked with the device manufacturer for a year before being laid off.

According to popular reports, the hacker had not responded to an email from Apple on time, and as a result his contract with the company was not renewed. The reputed hacker was part of Apple’s internship program, which allows for contracts lasting 12 weeks during summer or for 3-to-6 months for school credit. Comex had worked two internships for Apple, in 2011 and 2012 and had allegedly failed to reply to an email from Apple about continuing his internship, as a result, his contract was pulled by the company.

Forbes had identified Comex to be the pseudo name for Nicholas Allegra, who has been known to hack the Apple iOS using relatively easy-to-use techniques, as compared to cumbersome alternatives. Allegra allowed users to log on to a website and jailbreak their devices with much programming needed. A jailbroken iOS would allow users to freely access the device’s operating system outside of Apple’s sandbox.

Allegra also mentioned on his Twitter account that anyone who though that he had sold out for money by joining Apple did not know what they were talking about.