London Tube stations to be Wi-Fi connected


In the next few weeks, the passengers at the tube stations in London will be able to check emails. 80 stations will be connected through Wi-Fi coverage, while 40 more will be added later this year.

The Wi-Fi coverage will soon be extended to the London Underground, after which the passengers will be able to check their mails, browse the internet and even attempt to watch live TV on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops while waiting for their trains at 80 stations across the network.

The best part is that the service will be free to everyone for the whole summer and is expected to come online at some stations that includes Leicester Square, King’s Cross, Oxford Circus and Stratford in the next couple of weeks. Virgin media will be providing the service in partnership with Transport for London.

Virgin Media said that the passengers would be able to connect to the internet in ticket halls, on escalators and platforms and also on inside trains waiting in stations. However the coverage will be lost as soon as the trains will enter the tunnels. A spokeswoman for Virgin said that the pages will update as soon as the user enters a new station so that the passenger can be able to tweet in the journey.