OnePlus makes an important announcement about Oxygen OS


It was in 2021 when smartphone giants OnePlus and Oppo had announced that they would be collaborating and would be joining their software units. As a part of their merger, the companies would be bringing together their OxygenOS UI with Color OS UI of Oppo to create the unified UI. The new Unified UI was expected to be launched on OnePlus phone too be launched in 2022 and with that it should have brought an end to the Oxygen OS.

On the other hand the OnePlus 10 Pro has been launched in the Chinese market but it sports the Color OS by Oppo, instead of the Unified OS. To make things even more complicated, Chinese manufacturer OnePlus made the announcement that the OxygenOS 13 is all set to be launched. The official website has said that while it is already 2022, they are still not ready to move to offline events due to which they are bringing back the online Open Ear Forums that would talk about the Oxygen OS 13.

Reports say that the upcoming Oxygen OS 13 is based on Android 13 and there are all the possibilities that the company would get back to their original announcement. But as per the latest reports, it could be said that the company might stick to the Oxygen OS instead of the unified OS. It cannot be said if the decision is long term or temporary. OnePlus has also announced that only 15 guests will be allowed to attend the Open Ear Forum which is all set to be hosted on February 28, 2022.

With the fact that the event is going to be about Oxygen 13, the fans of OnePlus would not like to miss this. Interested participants can apply from now till February 18, 2022.OnePlus has also said that this is the biggest topic that they have brought to the Open Ears Forum to date and the feedback from people would be important in bringing about any changes in the OS updates.

Photo Credits: XDA Developers