5 Things not to miss at the Super Nintendo World

super nintendo world

The Super Nintendo World has finally been opened after several delays, mostly due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has just been a few days, the theme park is open for the Nintendo fans at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. The theme park was originally meant to be opened last summer before the Summer Olympics began, but the timeline was disturbed by the pandemic. Now that it has been opened here are a few things that you should not miss at the Super Nintendo World.

1. Compete in Mario Kart Race – Mario Kart is one of the popular games of Nintendo and racing around the Mario Kart circuit would be something that you should not miss. The race can be experienced with the help of AR headsets for five minutes. The players can also witness other characters and collect virtual points.

2. Hit and punch giant question blocks – Remember the question blocks from the Mario franchise. This is to satisfy the die-hard fans. The players can jump and punch the blocks until their heart is satisfied.

3. Purchase a power-up band –The Power-up bands are wrist gadgets that has a score of the coins and digital stamps . The device can also be paired with a smartphone device.

4. Ride Yoshi – Players can experience a ride with the Yoshi theme as they search for Captain Toad, during a treasure hunt. It goes at a leisure pace and is great for children and family members to enjoy the unusual scenery.

5. Enjoy gaming based snacks – So the theme park is not just about the Nintendo based rides but also about the gaming based snacks. Be ready to indulge in the delicacies like the mushroom flavoured popcorn, tiramisu question blocks and koopa shell-shaped calzones.

The new theme park has been launched amidst a time when there is a slow-down in the industry. It has only been opened for people living in Japan. But Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Mario franchise has hoped that he hopes the whole world will come to visit after the pandemic is over.

Photo Credits: BBC