Amazon Fire 7 tablet up for sale at just $19.99

fire 7

The 2017 Amazon Fire 7 tablet is on sale and will be available on Woot on a special price of just $19.9 till the stocks last. Considering that the tablet is too outdated as it is a 2017 model, but still is a great deal for such a price. The device does not have a great processor or a great resolution but for the price that it is available at, it still makes a great deal to0 be grabbed. The Amazon Fire 7 tablet 8 GB variant is now available for $19.9 with free shipping for the Prime subscribers.

Now for those who are thinking that these are refurbished devices, they are wrong as they are brand new and if the purchaser adds just $1 to the order then they get a Fire 7 case. The latest Fire 7 is priced at $49.99 which was also the price for the 2017 model and it was earlier on sale for $39.99 and even went down to $29.99 during Black Friday and Prime Day. But this is the first time the device is available for such a low price and that too a device that is not refurbished and a case at just $1 more.

The Fire 7 is capable of doing many things but do not expect it to be lightening fast as it has a poor processor. With a resolution of 1,024 X 600 pixel display, it is good for majority of the tasks, but might not be ideal for e-books. Although, the users could read them, it might not be very sharp. This means, at this price, the tablet could be purchased for a dedicated purpose like it could be used as a digital frame or a kitchen YouTube appliance. Some can also use it as an end-table clock. The Silk browser can be kept open and running the Literature clock.

It can also be used for kids and more storage can be added with a micro SD card.

Photo Credits: Wired