Greenhouse to launch lantern which runs on salt water


Electronics manufacturing company Greenhouse will soon be launching a lantern which works on just salt and water. The lantern runs on electrolysis which was taught in school. The electrolysis is a combination with efficient light producing LEDs to provide strong and long lasting light which is free of conventional batteries.

The users have to just pour salt water in to the main body. The inside of the lantern has two electrodes which are made of magnesium rod and a carbon plate. The salt water carried electrons from the magnesium to the carbon which creates a current strong enough to run 10 lights.

Most of the people might go back in to the school days and remember the high school experiment in which the magnesium gradually breaks down. This means that the lamp can be used for 120 hours before you need to replace the rod. The replacements rods are available for 980 yen.

But even salt water can be good only for eight hours after which the water has to be replaced . fortunately the water is easily available for free from many places and salt is easily available also. Its even better of you are near an ocean. Greenhouse website says that water straight from the ocean powers the lantern.