Sony will allow to change PSN online ID


For many years, there was a possibility of changing the PlayStation network handle. However, Sony is now close to introduce the basic feature. The gaming giant has announced that it will soon launch a PSN online ID Change beta for some of the selected users who are a part of the PlayStation Preview Programe. The first name swap for the gamers will be done for free and after that it will be charged $10 per change. Only $5 will be charged for the gamers who are PlsyStation Plus members so as to discourage abuse.

The preview for the feature will come to end in November but the gamers need not to worry as it must reach all the PS4 users by early 2019. The gamers will have the option to show the previous ID alongside the current one in case their friends need to find them. Sony has said that the gamers need to be careful as they cannot change that after completing the name change. The most important things is that not every game will be played nicely with the new ID. It will work with every PS4 game that was published after April 1, 2018 and must be compatible with the large majority of the PS4 games that were released before.

The gamers can revert once to the original ID for free and that is expected to fix any glitches. The users will also be able to see a game compatibility list when the game changing officially arrives. The feature was due for a long time. On the other hand Microsoft has allowed the gamers to change the gamertag since the Xbox 360 era which was about a decade back.

At the same time it is clear as to why Sony was careful as it had to consider a pricing strategy which discourages the griefers who might want to switch names to harass others.

Photo Credits: MP1st