Amazon Echo smart speaker gets new upgrades


Amazon’s smart speakers, Amazon Echo have become of the popular devices in the smart speakers market. So far millions of its devices have been shipped all over the globe. Amazon is all set to introduce a new set of features to the device that will also include a new look. The device has already received a major refresh in 2017 but now the Echo will not just have new features and a new look but will also come at a lower price.

A new of changes have been announced by the e-commerce giant which will make the device sound a little better and will also improve the overall experience. The Echo is undoubtedly a smart and brilliant little smart speaker but has the biggest flaw that it does not sound that good. The company is now introducing a new equalizing feature to enhance its audio credentials. The new upgrade will allow the listeners to customize the way the audio sounds from the Echo.

The Echo will have midrange, bass and treble that can be individually adjusted within a range of six decibels. The settings can be adjusted with the help of the Alexa App foe smartphones and tablets or the listeners can just say “Alexa, increase bass” or, “Alexa, decrease treble” and so on. Mike Maas, the Amazon developer in a blog post said, “Today we are excited to announce equaliser (EQ) and sound mode controls for smart home entertainment devices, available today for customers in the US across the Amazon Echo family of devices, and on select Alexa-enabled devices built using the Alexa Voice Service (AVS).” Mass added that the customers can also personalize the tone of the audio playing on the speakers as well as sound bars, AV receives by just saying, ‘Alexa, crank up the bass,’ ‘Alexa, turn up treble,’ or ‘Alexa, set TV mode’.”

The listeners can now get the equalizer in the US but it seems like the Echo users in the UK will be able to have their hands on the improved sound soon in autumn.

Photo Credits: Sound & Vision