HP to launch Mindframe gaming headsets with integrated cooling technology


HP has launched the new self cooling headset known as the Mindframe that has an integrated thermal-electric coolers to keep the sweaty ears cool. The new device is for those who indulge in long hours of gaming and can prove to be a treat for the ears as t protects from sweating through a long gaming session.

With the above feature the Mindframe has become one of the most innovative gaming accessories that was announced by HP on May 30, 2018. HP is also due to introduce the Sequencer keyboard that has optical mechanical switches. The company will also be announcing the Reactor Mouse that has an aluminum cable which has been designed to stay flat and will be priced at $79. The Sequencer keyboard can fall a little expensive with a price tag of $179. Both the devices are expected to be made available in June 2018.

HP has informed that the Mindframe has thermoelectric coolers which have been integrated in to the ear cups. The thermoelectric coolers are also known as the TECs that works with an electric charge to create an Peltier effect which can radiate or absorb heat. The technology of TECs is used since many years to cool computers and also the small six pack refrigerators. The company has said that it has obtained a patent on the concept which means that the technology cannot be seen on the devices from the competitors.

HP has also said that the feature can be controlled from the Omen Command Centre software. The only things that is yet to be announced is its price. The device is expected to be released later in 2018. For the gamers who do not like to have sweaty ears but wish to spend more time on gaming, the Mindframe is the perfect device for them. The concept came up after 46 % of the gamers complained of discomfort from heat as an issue with the gaming headsets.

Photo Credits:PC World