Sony announces exciting sale including limited edition of PS4


Sony has announced a treat for all the game enthusiasts. The game giant is putting a bunch of games, console editions and peripherals on sale from June 8 to 18, 2018. The goodies from Sony includes the limited edition PlayStation 4 color and the offer comes just in time for the E3 Days of Play event. People who have not yet had their hands on God Of War can get a lucrative deal at $49 after a $10 off. The God Of War is one of the favourite games among the gaming enthusiasts for the year.

However, the best offer in terms of games is for the Horizon Zero Dawn which will be offered for $19.99 for the sale period. The gamers will also get a deal on the PlayStation 4 Pro during the event as the price will be cut down to $349.99. The actual and the most lucrative deal is with the limited edition 1 TB, blue standard PS4 with a gold detail that is based on the DualShock’s four buttons. The device will go on sale from June 8, 2018 with the beginning of the sale.

There were divided opinions on whether the new PS4 color will be able to impress the gamers or not but most of the opinions come out positive and in favour of the new color. And the last one to grab is the 12 month PlayStation Plus membership will drop to $49.99 until June 18, 2018. Apart from the above offers there are other deals which will be running during the E3 weeks sales.

Overall the summer event will bring plenty of discounted games for the gamers along with a limited edition of PS4. The offers consist of everything that you need to stay indoors and away from the sun. Lookout for big discounts on accessories, games, hardware and more during the upcoming sale which is going to last for  a good ten days.

Photo Credits: Hardcoregamer