Google to add Favorites feature to Google Photos


Google Photos has been the favourite service of many people. However, many people also realize that the service has a few important features which are missing. For instance the service does not have the favourite button until now. The search engine giant has announced that it will be rolling out the new favourite function in the upcoming week.

The users of the service will be able to tap on the star button on the right side of every picture and it will be automatically added to the Favorites. The Favourites album will turn up as soon as the users start hitting the star button. This means that there is nothing fancy that has been added and if the users are not able to see the star above the picture then you don’t have the update yet and the wait should not be more than a few days.

The users will also soon be able to heart the pictures which have been shared with them. The feature is similar to what is seen on the photo sharing site Instagram. The new Photos features were introduced at the I/O earlier in May, 2018. The features that were then announced included improved photos, Color pop and the ability to colorize the old images. Out of these the improved photos and Color pop features have already been rolled out. Google is yet to address the other features that were earlier introduced. Meanwhile many of the users have also suggested some features which should already have been there.

One of the users have suggested that the service must have the ability to manually tag people in the pictures as the algorithms of Google are not 100% accurate. To this the search engine responded that the feature is not available yet but is open for a feedback. The Google Photos service was announced in May 2015 and since then it has been popular among the search engine users.

Photo Credits:PC Mag