Facebook to transform 2D images to 3D in virtual reality


Social networking giant Facebook has announced that it will make its normal photos look like 3D so that the old and treasured memories of the users can be seen in virtual reality. The announcement was made at the F8 conference on May 1, 2018. It was announced that the feature will turn the 2D images to 3D, moving images and will post them on the feed.

The new feature is expected to be launched this summer after which another feature will be launched that will use the AI to transform these pictures in to a virtual world where the memories can be visited again. The conference had shown a demo of the feature, where the hovering pictures were shown scattered across the digital room which was explored with the help of a virtual reality headset.

The presentation had claimed that Facebook will use its artificial intelligence to turn the pictures. For instance, the pictures of a childhood home can be turned in to a VR room. The social network has said that the new technology can help to get deeper in to the old memories with the help of virtual reality. The pictures are used as the basis and the machine learning software and AI helps to fill the gaps to create the home as a psychedelic pointillist-style room. Then the pictures are placed at relevant locations across the house and the users can walk around to explore the good old memories in a 3D environment.

The demo was presented by head of VR at Facebook, Rachel Franklin, who said that the users can invite friends and family to explore the memory rooms as guests. Franklin added that the technology also has the ability to give the users a chance to go deeper in to the old memories with the help of VR. Apart from the feature, Facebook also announced that it is venturing in to online dating.

Photo Credits:Sociobits