Audience to withdraw Noice –cancelling technology from new iPhone


Noice-cancelling technology maker Audience, which delivers the technology to Apple’s iPhone, since the year 2008, said that the new iPhone 5 might not have the technology. Talking to the reporters the company CEO Peter Santos said, “the normal course of business led us to believe that our technology is not likely to be enabled in Apple’s next-generation mobile phone.”

However, Santos did not reveal what course of action it was but the news was also revealed to the company shareholders. The partnership between Apple and Audience was revealed earlier this year when the company filed the paper work for an initial public offering.

In the iPhone 4 , Apple had included a dedicated Audience chip but in the iPhone 4S the company integrated its EarSmart technology directly to the A5 processor. Reports say that Apple has been increasing the number of people that handle the audio technology in its mobile products.

Audience believes that this could be the reason that its technology will not be included in the iPhone 5. The new device from Apple is expected to be unveiled next week at a special Apple Press conference. The Noise cancellation technology has become the hot topic for Apple after the company was slapped with a law suit by the California based company Noise Free Wireless.