Aisin Seki announces development of new electric water cooling pump for automobiles


Japan based automotive parts developer Aisin Seki has said that it has successfully developed a smaller and cheaper electronic pump through an effective and efficiency optimization. Traditionally the cars use a mechanical water cooling pump which has a flow rate dependent on the engine speed.

The electronic cooling pump offers greater control over the water flow which allows significant fuel economies which are particularly important in view of rising environmental concerns. But the electric pumps are traditionally much larger than the mechanical counterparts.

The new Aisin electric pump uses a newly shaped impeller to improve the performance. In addition to the design has positioned the components so that the motor efficiency and the centrifugal pump mutually benefits.

The good part is that the pump uses a few components which allows it to occupy less space. With the improvements in the efficiency, less heat is generated and the pump deign also incorporates an aluminium enclosure which acts like heat sink which eases the heat resistance requirements. So the cost of the electric pump was reduced by using an inexpensive and heat resistant printed circuit board. The company said that customer satisfaction and concern for the environment are the most important aspects for the company.