More than 50 Million Sony PS4 Consoles Sold As of December 14, 2016!


Seemingly, the Sony’s PS4 console has broken the record of sales by selling over 50 million console as of yesterday – December 14, worldwide. In the gaming world, PlayStation 4 is by far the most preferred console by the fans.

The 2016 black Friday made the best killing ever made in sales. The Japanese video games manufacturer later made it public that since its release in the US (2013), this year’s Black Friday (November 21 to 27) was the day Sony reached their peak sales.

Design of the new Sony PS4

Sony slimmed down the console a bit to bring its mean and sharper look. The gadget hardware was upgraded to support the 4k resolution as Sony launched the PS4 Pro.

In October, PlayStation 4 debuted on the VR Headset. Sony also announced that they had sold over 270.9 million units of Games both in discs and online. They further announced that they target to sell about 20 million more PlayStation 4 consoles by the end of their fiscal year (March 31st, 2017).

Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal, posted that over 50million units had passed to the consumers and stores. The variations were the PS4 slim and PS4 Pro as well. The PS4 Pro had sold over 369.6 million shares since its release in November 2016. Sony has upgraded the PS4’s software and hardware – to incorporate some of the most advanced technologies available in the gaming world.

Andrew House who is the current President and the global CEO of SIE couldn’t hide that their delight as the PS4 community continued to increase their shares since the release of this great console in a company statement.

The figures are however, lower than the predecessor models and bestselling consoles historically. For instance, Sony PlayStation 2 reportedly sold 157 million units before they ceased to manufacture it. Other consoles such as the portable Nintendo DS has sold over 154 million units while the Gameboy Advance has sold about 118 million devices worldwide.

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