Sharp delays shipment of iPhone screens to Apple


Certain reports revealed on August 31, 2012 have revealed that the Japan based Sharp Corp has not yet started the mass production of Apple Inc’s next iPhone. The recent disclosure has raised questions if the US based company would be able to secure enough components to meet the demands of its upcoming and most awaited smartphone.

Sharp is one of the major companies which supplies liquid crystals displays to Apple. The company had planned to ship the iPhone screens by the end of August, but the manufacturing has been delayed due to certain manufacturing difficulties.

It is still unclear when the company would begin the shipments of the LCD panels. Sharp is one of the three suppliers of LCD panels for the upcoming iPhone. The other two suppliers are Japan Display Inc. and South Korea’s LG Display Co.

The other two companies other than Sharp have already started shipping the screens to Apple. The US based company is expected to hold an event on Sept 12, 2012 where it will be discussing new products. It is also not clear if the delay from Sharp would lead to supply problems for Apple. Sharp has also delayed the shipments of the screens to Apple’s latest iPad but there were no shortage of the supply of the tablets.