Sony to launch ultra HD 4K TV in US


Electronics manufacturer, Sony is all set to unveil its new TV set which will have a resolution four times to that of the current best HD TV. The company on August 29, 2012 said that the TV will measure 84 inches diagonally, which will make the screen four times as large as the common 42 inch set.

The executives have said that the company will unveil the price of the new TV set next week. As for now there is very little content available which can take the advantage of the higher resolution. After a computer is connected to the set, it can display video in the ultra HD 4K resolution.

The new set by Sony will also enhance the TV, DVD and Blu Ray movie experience so that they look better. Phil Molyneux the chief operating officer of Sony Electronics said that the situation is no different than the launch of the cassette tapes, the CD or DVD.

Phil added, “We always get this question when we launch beautiful new technology: Where’s the content? Did we bring the content to market? Yes, we did.” The new set is known as 4K just because it has nearly 4,000pixels on the horizontal. More pixels helps the TV makers make bigger screens without compromising on the sharpness.