Bikini clad women on Robots entertain customers


A newly opened restaurant in Kabukicho in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district has a unique service. The restaurant has women in bikinis, who operate a 3.6 meter high custom made female robot.

The lower half of each of the robot resembled the iconic Japanese character Gundam on wheels. while the upper body is a human figure in a futuristic gladiator outfit. The robots have blonde, brown or red hair with green or blue eyes and each of the robots is controlled by a woman clad in bikini.

The women are seated on a high set attached on the robot’s stomach and can control the facial features and legs with the help of a joysticks attached to the seat. Watanabe, the spokesperson of the club said, “The concept behind this restaurant is fighting, feisty females, and the robots are part of that theme”.

The spokesperson added , “Everything apart from the central component of the robots is made and assembled by us.” The robots appear for a fighting sequence for about an hour. After a short intermission, the women appear again in military costumes and take the stage and also move between the crowd. The dance routine is surely a crowd catcher and is expected to grab several eyeballs.