New York drivers to be checked by textalyzer for distracted driving


New York drivers will soon have to be subject to on-spot analysis of their mobile phones that will determine if they are distracted by their devices to run up to accidents. This will be implemented if a proposed law passes the state legislature.
If the new bill is passed, the officers will have the authority to use the ‘textalyzers’ that will determine if the phone was used in the moments before the accident took place. People who refuse to consent to search will have to face immediate suspension of their driving license. Cellebrite, is the company that is developing the textalyzer. It is the same firm that helped the FBI crack the San Bernardio iPhone.
The company has assured that the device will not collect personal data like contacts or pictures so as to comply with the fourth amendment. The text of the bill has mentioned, No such electronic scan shall include the content or origin of any communication, game conducted, image or electronic data viewed on a mobile telephone or a portable electronic device.
It is still not clear how the device will determine of the phone was in use. There are possibilities that the contents of the SIM card will help analyse the contents.

Photo Credits: patch