VLC app feature enters Apple TV


The popular VLC media player has been launched on the Apple TV on January 12, 2016. VideoLAN has launched the app with new features like the video playback. The VideoLAN is also planning to offer support for cloud-based storage services like the Dropbox and OneDrive to Apple TVs in the future.
The application was earlier tested in November 2015 and now allows the users to access all the files and videos in the respective formats. The users of the app will not have to go through the tedious process of converting the videos for viewing it on Apple TV. This also means that the devices will also have the ‘remote playback’ feature.
The app will generate an IP address for the Apple TV with the help of which the users will drag files in to it through the desktop computers. With the introduction of VLC on Apple TV it is possible that the users might be more interested in investing in Apple TV.
There are many reasons that the users will be forced to buy the Apple TV this year. Some of the reasons include help from OpenSubtitles.Org, ability to play various unsupported files, custom playback speed and more. The new feature on Apple TV is expected to boost the sales of the device.

Photo Credits: Macstories