Facebook fixes app bug from its App for iOS platform


There were reports that the Facebook’s app for the iOS platform was causing some of the iPhones to drain battery life faster than usual. But now it seems like the issue has been solved and the new version of the Facebook app will arrive on App Store.
The new app will solve the battery draining problem. Engineer manager at Facebook Ari Grant assured the issue has been solved. There were two major causes that had caused the app to consume more battery. The first was the CPU spin where the app would undergo a longer stretch of processing without any results.
Grant added, “This repeated processing causes our app to use more battery than intended”. The next issue was related to the audio. After watching a video on Facebook, the audio session would remain open and kept the Facebook app active. So the app was not actually doing anything but stayed active at the background. However it continued to consume more battery while it remains awake.
The concerns over the battery issue due to the Facebook app started last week after a post appeared claiming that the social network’s app used more battery of the iPhone. The users were complaining that the app was consuming their iPhone’s battery at a faster rate than usual.

Photo Credits: addthiscdn