Yahoo to emit passwords for email in mobile application


Internet giant Yahoo is all set to introduce a new feature to its mobile application for its email service. The company will be phasing out the use of passwords with an update soon to be introduced.

The new app for iPhones and Android devices will have an option known as the ‘Account Key’ which allows people to sign in to the email accounts by clicking on a notification which is sent to their smartphones instead of typing a password. The search engine giant said that the new feature will be more secure as most of the people rely on passwords which are easy for the hackers to crack.
Email users of Yahoo can continue to type in passwords if they prefer to do so. The company wishes to change the way internet security works as Yahoo is synonymous with Internet in many countries. Jeff Bonforte, the senior vice president of Communication products said, “We always feel a burden of consumer protection.”
Yahoo will remain one of the most popular email services in the world but in recent times it has been has been dominated by Google’s Gmail. The new app by Yahoo will also make it possible for the users to connect to Yahoo email.

Photo Credits: pcmag