Google to help set up high speed internet Wi Fi in 400 Indian Railway Stations


The Indian Railways is a means of transport used by millions of passengers every day. Search engine giant will soon be providing high speed public Wi-Fi in about 400 Indian Railways Stations in India.


Google has joined hands with the Indian Railways and RailTel which is a government based provider of Telecommunications infrastructure to the railways. The project will initially cover 100 of the busiest stations in the country before the end of 2016. Some of the first stations are expected to come online in the upcoming months.
Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google in a blog posts wrote, “Even with just the first 100 stations online, this project will make Wi-Fi available for the more than 10 million people who pass through every day”. Initially, the service will be offered for free, however, focus is to provide Wi Fi to more stations and other places. The Indian Railways has a capacity to carry 21 million people on a daily basis and now the Railways is planning to create a capacity to carry 30 million passengers in the next five years.
Even the track length is expected to go up by 20 percent. The country already has 300 million people online. Pichai has expected that the passengers would be able to use Wi Fi to stream high definition videos while they are waiting or researching their destination.

Photo Credits: scoopwhoop