Search engine giant Google announced that the users will now be able to block the specific email addresses. But the fact is that the feature does not really block the email addresses as the search engine already has better features to handle offensive email that already exist in Gmail.

The announcement was made on September 23, 2015 and said that blocking the email will mean that the email will be sent to the spam folder where it can technically exist, even if no one actually checks the spam folder. It has been noticed that neither Gmail nor Yahoo had so far offered an option to block as the users hardly complained of receiving an offensive email.
Gmail allows the users to set up an automated filter to take emails of specific senders and apply various rules on it. The users have to select one or more messages with the help of the checkboxes on the left side and on the top of the list of messages there are a number of icons with drop-down menus. Click on More and then click on ‘filter messages like these’.
This will open a window with the email addresses of the senders of emails that were highlighted. The users can also add specific words in the fields in the subject line and more.

Photo Credits: technobuffalo

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