Galaxy Nexus phones on Verizon deprived of Jelly Bean


If a user owns a Galaxy Nexus phone but does not have the latest version of Android, then all the blame goes to Verizon. But if you have the phone with the latest Android Jelly bean , then the user might be using AT&T or T Mobile subscriber.

Reports say that Verizon and Sprint are still waiting to get that update pushed through. The problems is that Verizon conducts incredibly detailed testing and quality assurance test which is probably one of the main reasons of not getting the update.

But it is frustrating as Nexus devices are supposed to be the first ones to get the updates and is also one of the selling points. So the customers on the two networks are obviously upset. Meanwhile Google, Verizon and Sprint say that the update is coming soon.

The update of the Jelly Bean is considered as a minor update for the Android platform which is why it only brings the version number up to 4.1 instead of 5.0. The most major part of the update is it looks different depending on the kind of device. For instance the 7 inch tablets have a different look than the 10 inch devices. The other improvements include the speed of the processor.