Polyera shows off first flexible display product


Flexible electronics company Polyera has announced the launch of the Wove band which is the world’s first flexible display product. The Wove Band has a flexible display which can be laid flat and also be wrapped around your wrist.


Developer units will be opened in September and the first unit will be shipping in December 2015 only to a selected group of artists and developers. The company is planning to launch it commercially in mid 2016. The new Wove Band has been made with the Polyera Digital Fabric Technology with unique set of materials, tools and know-how designed to allow production of flexible electronic products.
The new platform has been developed after a research of about ten years which included fundamental science, design and engineering. The attempts on making flexible displays have been relied on traditional electronics material like silicon deposited on plastic substrates. Such a creation can now allow new products with flexible design and curved screens. The only drawback is its brittleness which makes them unusable for products that are dynamically flexible like the Wove Band.
The Wove Band will have a flexible and low power touch display combining Polyera Digital Fabric Technology with EInk’s flexible and reflective electronic ink film.

Photo Credits: prnewswire