Motorists to charge vehicles while on the highway


Government agencies in England have announced that plans are being made to test wireless power-transfer technology that is expected to be built under the country’s motorways and major A roads. The motorists will be able to recharge their cars as they are driving if a scheme that is proposed by Highways England is materialized.

A feasible study has already been completed and is now asking the companies to tender bids to host the off-road trials. Experts have questioned if such a scheme would be cost effective. The technology is known as Charge-as-you-drive technology which has already been applied in other places. The south Korean town of Gumi switched on a route of 12 km which allows the buses with compatible equipment to be charged as they drive over it in 2013.
The process is known as the Shaped Magnetic Field in Resonance. Under such a technology electric cables are buried under the road and are used to generate electromagnetic fields that are picked up by the coil inside the device and converted in to electricity.
Highway England has said that full details of the project will be made public once the contractor has been appointed. The experiments are expected to run for 18 months before deciding to commit for a trial.
Photo Credits: evnewsreport