LG and Samsung announce developments in battery technology


Tech firms Samsung and LG have announced some new developments in technology that has been designed to improve the capacity of the rechargeable batteries in mobile devices. The Advance Institute of Technology (SAIT) has developed the materials that can double the capacity of Lithium ion batteries.

A hexagonal battery has been revealed by the chemical divisions of LG, LG Chem that has extra power in to smaller internet things like the smartwatches and gadgets. The new technology by Samsung uses Silicon cathode, material with high crystalline graphene to make batteries with twice the capacity as the ordinary lithium ion versions.

The international science journal, Nature Communication ahs the published report which said that the new technology is expected to improve the performance of the mobile device and electric device. A professor and teacher at SAIT, “The research has dramatically improved the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by applying a new synthesis method of high-crystalline graphene to a high-capacity silicon cathode”.

The professor added that they would continue to improve the secondary cell technology to meet the expanding demand from the mobile device and electric vehicle markets. Patents that cover the new battery techs take advantage of graphene materials instead of graphite as it is physically stronger and more conductive.

Photo Credits: niceshop-online