iPhones to emit home button


The iPhone has had the ‘home’ button since the time it was born due to which no matter how deep you go inside your phone, the home button was always an option that would bring you home. But now US based tech giant Apple is working towards a new technology that would emit the ‘home’ button itself and that the users will no longer have to rely on it.

Sources from deep inside the company have revealed that the company is working on a design that will shift the home button on the screen instead of a separate button. This will enable the iPhones to have full screen sans the walls to the bottom of the phone. Sources said that the new design will be incorporated in to the future iPhone designs and models that have an ultra narrow display and also with whole plane designs that eliminated the home button.

But this is entirely different from having no ‘home button’ at all as it still suggests that the home button will be placed in the middle of the screen.

However, Apple has already used the technology in its wearable device Watch and also in its MacBook in which it fools the brain that the user has actually pressed a hard surface that vibrates.
Photo Credits: pctimeuk