Twitter takes back MS DOS games embedding feature


Micro blogging and social networking site Twitter has taken back the feature to embed MS-DOS Games in Tweets. Earlier the users on the platform were able to embed the classic games in Tweets by just linking to the Internet Archive page.

Reports say that the feature violated the Twitter rules for its cards. The social networking site did not speak in open about the feature taken back but the gaming is now restricted under the developer guidelines.

Twitter said that the platform does not intend to build an end-to-end interactive experience in audio or video player and is not related to the player card content including gaming, polling, purchasing, messaging and data entry. This is why Twitter decided to take back the feature. The company in its developer’s documentation has explained, “Do not build end-to-end interactive experiences inside the video or audio player unrelated to player card content”.

Not long back, the users had discovered that they could take the advantage of the embedding feature that turned the links to Internet Archieve’s golden collection of MS-DOS games. It had used the Twitter Cards that allowed images, videos and other media that could be displayed with the Twitter’s stream. The system also displayed ads.

Photo Credits: gameinformer