HTC introduces Uh Ho Protection for One M9 phones


HTC has launched the two tones M9 in the US and has launched a new offer for all the gadget enthusiasts. The smartphone manufacturing giant has launched the Advantage program known as the ‘Uh Ho Protection’ and is one of the most impressive. If the user cracks the phone’s Gorilla Glass swathed screen or drop in the water or have caused any other damage, HTC will replace the entire set in a day.

HTC One m9

The insurance will be valid till one year of the purchase. The new HTC offer is a good offer for the customers who have broken their phones. The customer has to just call the HTC call centre after which a team member will arrange the replacement overnight. The company has claimed that the process will be simple and free of any hassles.

HTC has clarified it in simple words that the company will take care of the issue without asking any questions. The Uh Ho Protection is built on the foundation set by last year’s HTC Advantage program. Along with the HTC advantage, the company has also promised to replace the screens of the damaged One M8 handsets for free.

Search engine giant Google has opined that the ‘Uh Ho Protection’ will save the customers of HTC. A survey conducted by Google Insights Survey has revealed that 69% of people have damaged their phones in 2014.

Photo Credits: liliputing