Xiaomi to enter US market with mobile accessories


Smartphone manufacturing giant Xiaomi is all set to take another major step in the world market. The Chinese manufacture announced that it will be opening an online store in the upcoming months for the US market.


The online store which will soon be opened in the US will sell smart wristbands, earphones, headphones and other accessories. But for the meantime, the handset manufacturer does not have any plans to offer Mi mobiles in the country. Xiaomi has in recent times become one of the largest selling manufacturer and is growing fast.

The manufacturer designs handsets which are similar to the Apple handsets but are available with much cheaper price tags. The company also depends on a wide range of built in online services so as to make revenue from the consumers. The domestic market of China is already dominated by Xiaomi and is steadily expanding its presence in the international markets. The company does not have any outlets but directly sells the handsets through online stores.

Hugo Barra, the chief of the international business at Xiaomi said that a lot of work has to be put in to introduce handsets in to the US market due to which they are starting off by introducing simpler products.

Photo Credits: ibtimes