Apple demands third party manufacturers to sign agreements


US based tech giant Apple has demanded its third party accessory makers to sign an agreement. Apple has demanded to sign agreements to make sure that they do not spill out any information on the new Apple devices or they would have to face loss on the future business opportunities with the company.

The agreement was revealed by sources from the company on condition of anonymity which says that if the conditions of the agreement are violated then it would result in the loss of future business. The sources also revealed that delays in production led to delays in production. Apple said that information continued to be leaked which led to early case designs and this had an impact on the revenues.

The agreements says that the accessory makers are now banned from obtaining, seeking or relying on the advance specifications for future Apple products. The recent decision has hurt the third party manufacturers as they have just a short time from the official release to the shipment of the product. If the agreement is not signed the manufacturers will be banned from the Apple stores.

Apple has also threatened that it is serious but it is still not clear how the partners, who know about the new product will hurt Apple.

Photo Credits: iapplehow