Jawbone launches fitness tracker Up Move and UP3


The number of wearable fitness trackers that are coming into the market are huge and the latest one to join the fray is San Francisco-based company Jawbone with two new fitness trackers Up Move and UP3. The two wearables will be able to track things like sleep cycle, heart rate and information about the workout session one has.

The Up Move will retail in the US for $50 and the UP3 will come at a slightly higher $180. The tracker can be synced with data from any gadget that ranges from Apple’s iPhone to Android smartwatches.

To aid the wearable, Jawbone will also release an app that will contain all the data collected through the sensors on the tracker and can be viewed on any smartphone. The wearable is currently up for pre-order and will be ready to ship to customers by the end of this year.

The straps of the Up Move and UP3 contain sensors that can keep track of the activity that is carried out and measure the heart rate. The devices use MotionX technology that can be used to wirelessly connect to the application by Jawbone.

The Up Move will come with an LED screen. The UP3 will have an accelerometer and a bunch of other sensors to measure ‘bioimpedence’, which is a collective measure of everything from heart rate to hydration levels.

With the entry of newer and newer devices, the wearable market is now going to get very competitive. Big players like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have already entered the market with their own devices.

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