Restaurant offers discount for leaving phones at door


There are many things which can disrupt an elegant meal while dining at a restaurant. Some times you may find people on the other table chatting loudly on their phone, but now a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles has come up with a unique solution to this.

The Eva Restaurant has offered 5 % discount on your meal if the customer hands over his/her cell phone at the door. Mark Gold the owner and the chef at the restaurant says that he does not look at this as a discount but is just a way to stop people from the annoying guests at other tables.

Mark added that he just wants his customers to enjoy their meal with the fellow diners without disruption from technology. The owner said, “Eva is home, we want to create that environment of home, and we want people to connect again. It’s about two people sitting together and just connecting, without the distraction of a phone, and we’re trying to create an ambience where you come in and really enjoy the experience and the food and the company.”

But the concerns remains that a discount of 5% isn’t lucrative enough, but the restaurant can offer some free desert instead.