Tor version of Facebook is here


Facebook has recently launched its Tor version, which will allow users to hide their IP addresses and post anonymously. The move, by the social media giant, has surprised several people. Facebook has created a Tor link for users who want to use Tor to access the website.

Tor is an open source projet that was launched in 2002, for people that wanted to use the internet without letting the website they visit, know their location or IP address. Once a person has downloaded the free Tor software, they may access the website they want through the Tor server instead.

Previously, netizens could not load Facebook from Tor as the security measures in place would interfere with the site load. Facebook identified Tor as a botnet and blocked off content loading. A botnet is a collection of computers that is designed to attack a website.

The url for the Tor browser is https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ (note: clicking on this link through a regular browser will not work, you need the Tor software.) The alternate is used by people who want to circumvent the government restrictions in certain countries like China and Iran. This will also be beneficial to Facebook since it will allow the social network to grow and expand beyond, in countries where it is currently not permitted to.

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