Cyber criminals target eBay, user information compromised


Cyber criminals target eBay, use phishing pages to steal user information.

In what is the seen as the latest cyber security breach, cyber criminals target eBay, one of the world’s largest online shopping website. The online thieves used the traditional method of hacking – phishing pages – to lure unsuspecting users into giving up their personal information.

Phishing is a technique that is used by cyber criminals which involves creating fake pages that look very real. Users often confuse these web pages and enter their personal information, which is sent directly to the online thieves.

Cyber security experts claimed that the criminals linked their products to the phishing pages. Once a user clicked on the product, they were redirected to the fake login, where they entered their details.

However, this kind of a cyber attack is not new for shopping sites like eBay and OLX. These websites allow their customers to use JavaScript and Flash to make their products more appealing. It is this function that makes these sites vulnerable to attacks. eBay has a set of security measures in place to keep out malicious content.

Addressing the issue, a spokesperson for eBay said, “Criminals intentionally adapt their code and tactics to try to stay ahead of the most sophisticated security systems.”

This is the latest cyber attack in the recent wave of cyber hacks that have hit the world. Earlier this month, a cyber criminal hacked into iCloud and posted nude images of famous Hollywood actresses that included Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, Rihanna and Mary E. Winstead.

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