Apple iOS 8 bug detected


An iOS 8 bug is detected hours before the software goes live.

Apple launched their new software, iOS 8, yesterday, September 17, 2014. The build up to the launch was great, but unfortunately for Apple, things did not pan out as they would have liked. Their HealthKit platform for Health Apps caught a bug that forced third-party developers to pull their health apps from the new software. The bug was discovered at the last minute, forcing developers to pull their apps.

Several third-party health apps were supposed to go live with the launch of iOS 8, but because of the bug, the apps might not be available till the end of September. A spokesperson for Apple, Trudy Muller said, “We discovered a bug that prevents us from making HealthKit apps available on iOS 8 today.”

Meanwhile, Apple said that they were working on fix for the bug that will be be part of a software update by the end of this month. Apple has not revealed the nature of the bug.

HealthKit is a platform for health apps on the new iOS 8 software and was unveiled at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 that was held in June. The platform is created for developers who want to collect or spread health information. Along with the hardware created by Apple, it aims to use this technology to send automatic updates to the patient’s doctor, with their permission.

This bug has cast a shadow on the much awaited release of the iOS 8. Waiting to see how the iPhone 6 performs tomorrow, September 19, when it will be available in stores.

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