Wi Fi calling to be introduced on iPhones in iOS 8


US based iPhone manufacturing giant Apple’s upcoming iOS 8 will also support Wi Fi calling. The new version of the operating system is all set to be launched during the fall. T-Mobile US responded on June 2, 2014 confirming that the smartphone will support Wifi calling feature on the customer’s iPhones.

T-Mobile became the first carrier to enable Wi Fi calling in 2007. The chief marketing officer of T-Mobile, Mike Sievert in a blog post said that, the service was introduced on its Android and Windows smartphones. After T-Mobile, Sprint also has Wi Fi calling which can be used when the users does not have any cellular signal.

Carriers in the nation were asked if they would support Wi Fi calling on the iOS 8 devices, Verizon Wireless spokesperson of Debra Lewis responded that nothing will be speculated on what will be offered in the future on the nationwide network and that they do not offer Wi Fi calling at present. Sprint and AT&T did not respond immediately.

Some of the advantages of Wi Fi calling include not having the necessity to pay cellular service cost for a voice call, but T-Mobile counts the voice over IP minutes with the help of Wi Fi calling as minutes against the service plan.

Photo Credits: iMore