Twitter’s new profile becomes available to all users


    If you’re in the mood for spring cleaning when it comes to social media, Twitter is allowing its users to update to their new profile design. The online social networking and micro-blogging service announced on April 22, 2014 that its new Web profiles – which had their debut for a select number of users at the beginning of April 2014 – are now available to everyone.

    Even though the popular app’s new design is very different from its previous one, it may seem familiar as it resembles Facebook’s Timeline, particularly because it now features a big photo up top, as well as key biographical information which are displayed on the left side. In addition to that, Twitter users will be able to pin a preferred tweet to the top of their profile page, as well as notice that tweets which have more activity will appear bigger than others.

    There is a possibility that the micro-blogging site did not replicate the format of Facebook’s profile page on purpose, however, Twitter should take notes from the social networking giant. It has been reported that Twitter – which is a still-maturing company – brought only $243 million in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2013.

    Twitter announced recently that it will be entering the mobile app install and ad network business, which will enable advertisers access to an audience of 1 billion devices.

    Photo Credits: TheVerge and Twitter