Best Buy teams up with Samsung, Sony in new store deal


American multinational consumer electronics corporation Best Buy said on May 1, 2014 that it is planning a huge expansion of its store within a store concept. The company went on to say that it has signed a deal with Sony and will open stores in 350 Best Buy locations. In addition to that, Samsung will add 500 stores within Best Buy.

In recent times, Best Buy has been trying its best to look for new ways to sell its products and has been carving out space for particular brands. Efforts are being made by Best Buy in order to become a go-to destination for consumer electronics. By June 2014, Microsoft, Sony, Magnolia, as well as Pacific Kitchen will have their own domain at Best Buy. The CEO of the newsletter Robin Report, Robin Lewis said, “I think Best Buy is brilliant in following this strategy, and co-existing on the same distribution platform with other strong brands”.

Lewis went on to say that big box has the ability to become an enclosed mini mall. Meanwhile, South Korean giant Samsung already sells phones, tablets, as well as a number of other small tech gear at the Samsung Experience shops which are located in all 1,000 Best Buy locations all over the country. There are 500 new dedicated Samsung areas which will separate and showcase its latest TVs, including the curved ultra-high definition TVs.

Photo Credits: HDTVExpert