Nest Labs launches Learning Thermostat for UK market


US-based Nest Labs has brought Internet of Things to households with a high-tech energy-saving thermostat. It is a Learning Thermostat which can be controlled remotely with the help of a smartphone and also has the ability to adjust to user preferences.


Google subsidiary Nest Lab has unveiled the Learning Thermostat in the UK. It has a programmer, as well as a thermostat in one device. The new gadget has been introduced specifically for home heating at the initial stages. The company says that the thermostat programs itself and automatically turns down the heat when user is away and can be controlled through a device.

Moreover, Nest is getting ready to announce the UK energy partnership with npower and will offer its Nest Thermostat to millions of customers. It will provide them with a three-year fixed tariff energy bundle. The general manager of Nest for Europe, Lionel Paillet said, “Nest Learning Thermostat customers in the US experience savings of approximately 20 per cent on average off their heating and cooling bill and we’re looking forward to helping customers in the UK save as well.”

The device has the ability to turn the boiler on and off according to the temperature at home and also remembers the most preferred temperatures.

Photo Credits: Gottabemobile