Mobile phone manufacturing giant, Sony has told the reason why the liquid logo from the Sony Ericsson days is still hanging around. The brand has also launched the phones like the Xperia S and Xperia U which have shown the Sony Ericsson name but does not have the logo.

An executive from Sony revealed why the two logos still has the presence on the phone. The executive said that it was just to make sure that the customers associate the two brands for the time being.

Reports say that the eponymous liquid logo will be dropped in future after the remaining Sony Ericsson phones have dropped out of circulation. The remaining phones from the joint venture like the Xperia Active were released in the month of October last year so it could be about 18 months before the customers start seeing the Sony phones shorn of the logo.

The phones like Xperia J have been spotted in prototype stages without the bulbous icon. But now it is presumed that it will be making its appearance in the final round of manufacturing. It is actually all about the brand alignment but the executives are keen to make sure the customers see the new company as being borne from the remnants of the old firm.

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