Google launches cycle maps for UK users


Search engine giant Google had the cycle maps service in the US for years but the UK users were deprived of the service till now. The UK users had to rely on the own sources and innate common sense to avoid being sent along the motorways.

Just like every Google product the Cycle maps has also been started with their life in beta. The service also had a preference for the same routes and cycle paths which were chosen on the regular London commuter routes.

But it was notices that when plotting a path from Barnet to Hertford Google Maps favoured normal roads in the places where it could instead have recommended a pleasant section on National cycle route 12. There are hopes that the National Cycle Network routes would be added in the near future.

Moreover, there are also a number of cycle route planners available in which the Cycle Streets is most probably the popular one. It is aware about the National cycle routes but when the service is used for the Android devices it drains the battery more than the Google Maps which alone is enough to keep on cycling.